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Inground swimming pools are a great addition to any home in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. When the summer comes to a close, taking steps to protect your pool for the winter is essential. At Quantus Pools, we offer pool closing services that help homeowners feel confident that their pool will endure any Midwestern winter. 


Our closing services will protect your pool from damage due to freezing water. Closing your swimming pool properly will reduce the maintenance costs and help to avoid potential damage that could occur if closed incorrectly. Pool closing service is critical for the life of your pool and by taking care of your pool properly, you can increase the life of the pool.


Why Winterizing Inground Pools Matters

Winterizing inground pools is one of the most crucial aspects of ownership. Without preparing your pool for the winter, you could end up spending unnecessary amounts of money on repairs or cleaning. Pool closing is particularly important for homeowners in the greater Chicago area due to the region's harsh winters. 

The primary reason closing your pool for the winter is necessary is to prevent structural damage. If you were to leave your pool uncovered and filled to the brim, frigid temperatures would cause the water to freeze, putting your pool's structural components at risk. Frozen water can damage a pool's liner, railings, pipes and other features. Winterizing a pool also prevents algae formation that could cause corrosion or diminish water quality. 

In addition to structural damage, closing your pool for the winter reduces costs. Leaving your pool open for the winter would require a lot of power. Your pool uses electricity to keep water flowing through its pipes, so when you plan on going months without swimming, it makes sense to power down. By draining and covering your inground pool during the offseason, you'll save on energy costs and repair fees. 

Inground Pool Closing Services in Rolling Meadows, IL

As one of the top pool closing companies in the greater Chicago area, we offer a full range of services that prepare your pool for the cold months to come. Our pool closing services for Rolling Meadows homeowners include: 

  • Draining your pool to a safe level for winterization

  • Removing lights from niches

  • Removing all rails, fittings, grates, covers and other pool equipment

  • Draining all pool pad equipment (heater, filter etc)

  • Removing water from all piping using air compression and inject anti-freeze

  • Plugging all applicable pipe lines to prevent freeze damage to plumbing

  • Installation of protective safety winter cover

Hire Professional Pool Closers in Your Area

Pool closing is important, but why not opt for a DIY approach? While some homeowners may choose to perform their own closing procedures, there are various benefits to working with an experienced pool closing company like Quantus Pools. 

When you hire Quantus Pools for pool closing services near you, you'll have the greatest confidence that your pool will stay safe all winter long. Closing a pool is laborious work that requires time and accuracy for the best results. The process can also be dangerous to do independently, as it involves heavy lifting and chemical application. 

Our technicians have spent years performing pool closing procedures on pools throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Indiana. We have the experience and tools necessary to provide the most effective closing services in the area. Save yourself the time and stress this fall by hiring Quantus Pools. 


Schedule a Service Call With Your Local Pool Closing Experts

Quantus Pools is proud to be one of the most experienced pool closing companies serving homeowners in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and beyond. Our founders, Skip and Jay, have been in the industry since 1989, and they lead a staff that boasts an average of 15 years of pool maintenance experience. When it's time to close for the season, our professionals will make your life easier and make sure your pool is in perfect condition.

Ready to get started? Schedule a service call with Quantus Pools today! 

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