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Designing adequate patio space for your intended usage and creating the walkways that properly flow in and out of your outdoor living space is important. Great hardscape plans blend visual hardscape design together with a properly engineered water drainage plan. Accomplishing those two things will ensure your beautiful environment will stand the test of time and be the perfect frame for your pool.

When you want to improve your property with modern hardscape design elements, work with the company homeowners in and around Rolling Meadows, Illinois, have trusted for over a decade. At Quantus Pools, we specialize in pool and hardscape. Our experienced staff will take your project from start to finish for an outcome guaranteed to impress. 

Hardscape Designs 

Your yard is more than just a place to relax and enjoy time outdoors. It also presents an opportunity to express something about yourself. Your pool and hardscape design can reflect your creativity and stylistic tastes, so it's worth investing in a space that sends the message you want people to see. 

At Quantus Pools, we use the finest materials to bring your ideas to life. Our staff will work with you to transform your backyard into a distinguished relaxation oasis that you'll enjoy with family and friends for years to come. Check out our gallery for hardscape pool ideas that utilize some of the best design styles and materials: 


  • Natural stone: Stone is a durable, low-maintenance material that retains a natural feel around your pool. Our crews can lay beautiful stone floors and construct sprawling stone structures that ground your yard in authenticity. 

  • Stamped concrete: Stamped concrete is a cost-effective hardscaping material that provides designers with the creative freedom to construct beautiful backyard features. We use different types of concrete for elegant flooring that gives other features room to shine. 

  • Pavers: For the best of beauty and durability, choose pavers for your backyard hardscaping project. Pavers come in various shapes and sizes for a beautiful build that lasts for years. Our paver designs are unique, and they complement other materials to create eye-catching contrast on your property. 


Work With Quantus Pools 

With Quantus Pools, it's never been easier to break ground on a hardscaping project that meets your exact demands. When you request our services, we'll schedule an appointment to visit your home to discuss your property and design ideas. Our team will help you understand the options available and use the latest computer software to develop a 3D model that shows how your project will look upon completion. You'll also receive a free, accurate quote so you know what to expect.

If you decide to move forward with a pool hardscape design or other services from Quantus Pools, you can count on us for efficient work from experienced professionals. We'll finish your project on time, leaving you with a debris-free yard that features beautiful new renovations. After completion, feel free to get back in touch for repairs or any future additions. Your local pool professionals are always here to help! 

Get Started With the Leaders in Outdoor Beautification 

Quantus Pools is the most qualified pool design and hardscaping company for homeowners in Rolling Meadows and beyond. Our crews boast an average of 15 years in the industry, giving us the expertise to take on any project. From complimentary quotes to convenient warranties and competitive rates on services from the most talented professionals, Quantus Pools offers the best customer experience on the market. For more information or to put your project in motion, give us a call at 847-907-4995 or contact us online today! 



If you need any of these services, call today for a no obligation consultation!

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