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A lot of work goes into opening a pool for the season. From removing bulky covers to achieving ideal chemical levels, dewinterizing a pool involves several precise steps that homeowners should follow. The process can be frustrating and overwhelming, but it's necessary. When things get complicated, it’s better to save time and money by leaving it to the professionals. 

Quantus Pools offers affordable and professional swimming pool opening services. From start to finish, we get the job done right. Work with us for competitive rates on all the services you need to prepare your pool for a relaxing summer. 

Why Proper Opening Matters

Why is it so important to dewinterize your pool the right way before using it? Swimming pools require certain chemical levels to prevent structural damage and bacteria buildup. 

Achieving the proper chemical balance will ensure that your pool is safe for swimming. Pool chemicals fight bacteria to prevent algae buildup. Overloading your pool with chemicals can be harmful to swimmers and the pool itself, causing irritation and putting pool equipment at risk of damage. On the other hand, inadequate chemical treatment will allow bacteria will thrive in your pool's water and on its surfaces, presenting health and safety concerns and posing the risk of corrosion. 

It's essential to perform opening procedures accurately to facilitate a healthy relaxation haven that lasts year after year. We recommend April as the best time for Illinois residents to open their pools for the season. Opening your pool in later months leaves more time for algae and pollen to enter the mix, creating more work for you.

Inground Pool Opening Service​ in Rolling Meadows, IL

At Quantus Pools, we offer extensive pool opening services to prepare your pool for the summer. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to do the job well so you can trust your water's quality every time you take a dip. Our opening service includes: 

  • Removing and storing your winter cover

  • Drain & cleaning swimming pool if required or requested

  • Using appropriate chemicals to clean your pool walls, tile, skimmer mouths and deck

  • Re-installation of all rails, fittings, grates, covers, lights and other pool equipment

  • Filling the pool with fresh water – supplied from your home

  • Returning to restart all filtration and heating equipment

Commercial Pool Opening Services 


In commercial spaces like apartments and condos, a pool is a unique amenity for current residents and potential tenants — but maintaining a luxurious look requires a lot of work. It also takes valuable time out of your daily schedule, preventing you from handling other projects that could be growing your business. Of course, one of the most vital maintenance activities is opening your pool, setting the tone for the rest of the swim season.

At Quantus Pools, we understand how consuming pool maintenance can be, especially the process of opening it up and preparing for the warmer months ahead. That's why we extend our residential inground pool opening services in Rolling Meadows, IL to commercial apartments, condos, hotels and more. We'll provide a solution to keep your pool looking great and get you back to doing what you do best — managing your business.

Pool Opening for Condominiums, Apartment Complexes and More


Hotels, apartment complexes and condominiums around the Chicagoland area have relied on our pool opening services for over a decade. You can trust our team at Quantus Pools to provide a seamless experience. Our crew can handle everything, from removing the cover and initial cleanings to balancing the chemistry and testing your equipment.

With our certified technicians by your side and our cost-effective prices on your balance sheets, you can have confidence in our premium pool opening service for your apartment or condominium. We've worked on pools of all shapes and sizes and will tailor our pool opening services to fit your needs.

Our experts also provide thorough pool maintenance services to ensure your pool looks great and functions flawlessly year-round. You'll never have to lift a finger. When winter rolls around, you can bring our team back in to take the necessary precautions and safeguard your pool against freezing temperatures for reliable performance next summer.

Why Hire Professional Pool Opening Services? 

Careful pool opening is important every year, so hire a professional crew to do the job well. When you work with an experienced team like ours at Quantus Pools, you'll save time and money that you can spend enjoying your property instead. Opening your pool is a time-consuming task that requires close attention to detail. Small mistakes or miscalculations can result in expensive damage or time wasted backtracking. 

Opening your pool can also be physically demanding. Pool covers are heavy and can be cumbersome, but a professional team can work together to safely remove and store your cover for the season. With professional opening services from Quantus Pools, you can rest assured knowing your pool is summer-ready. 

Choose Quantus Pools

When you need inground pool opening services in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, choose the company that customers trust above the rest. For more than 10 years, Quantus Pools has performed reliable opening services that allow homeowners to enjoy their at-home oasis comfortably. Our customers benefit from competitive rates on high-quality pool opening services from a team of experienced technicians. With a 15-year average in the industry, our friendly crew members do great work and treat every property with respect. Work with us for advantages like:


  • Affordable, transparent pricing.

  • Guaranteed water quality.

  • Free quotes.



inground pool with water jets

Schedule a Service Call

When it comes to pool opening services in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Quantus Pools is the team to beat. Our professionals will make your life easier and make sure your pool is in perfect condition. If you're ready to get started, schedule a service call today! 

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