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Fun Swimming Pool Activities to Try This Summer

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

You've been swimming and splashing in your inground pool for years, but did you know there are more cool things to do in the pool that you can share with friends and family? Try these fun pool ideas to make the most of every minute of your next summer in Illinois.

Kids Activities

Kids of all ages love water. You can keep kids entertained and fit this summer with a few pool activities just for them. There are the classics, like Marco Polo and racing. You can also buy diving toys to encourage dive expeditions and make things even more interesting. Kids have fun diving for “treasures,” and this activity helps them improve their swimming skills, too.

Pool ping pong is another fun and simple activity to try in the water. Just string a net across the pool and use ping pong paddles and ping pong balls to play. Get ready for some splashing!

If you're setting up some fun kids' activities poolside this summer, remember to keep safety in mind. Always have at least two adults supervising. Get everyone out of the pool every so often to do a headcount and ensure everyone is safe and accounted for. Never plan any activities that encourage children to run near the pool.

Adult Activities

Adults can have more pool fun than just swimming. Why not string a net across your pool and try some volleyball? You'll get a great workout and have lots of fun with friends and relatives.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy a game of tug-of-war in the pool. Get a long rope and split up into teams. See who can pull the other team into the other side of the pool. There's no way for either side to get a lot of leverage while floating, which leads to lots of laughs!

Pool Games

While you can buy games specifically for pools, it's a lot of fun to create your own. If you haven't tried creating a whirlpool, both kids and adults love it. Have everyone in the pool line up around the edge in a single file line. Everyone starts to walk in the same direction at the same time, around the perimeter of the pool. After a few minutes, everyone should begin to run.

The resulting whirlpool will carry everyone along, making running almost effortless. If you're up for a challenge, ask everyone to turn around and try to run around the edge of the inside of the pool in the opposite direction, against the whirlpool. The momentum makes it hard to do!

Another great game is a belly flop contest. Ask everyone to do a belly flop into the pool, one at a time. The person with the most dramatic belly flop and the one with the biggest splash win! You can also assign prizes for the loudest belly flop, the most creative dive and other categories you create.

Poolside Movie

Poolside movies are an amazing alternative to sitting on the couch if you want to watch the summer classics. Set up your movie with a projector and laptop, and make sure you have speakers that will carry sound to your guests.

You can screen your movie on a white, flat wall or a projection screen. Another option is using a big white sheet — make sure you secure each corner to create a smooth surface that doesn't move. You can also rent inflatable screens if you want a true big-screen experience. Guests can watch the movie from poolside seats, or they can relax in floating pool recliners with drink holders. Have floating coolers and floating trays in the pool, too, so your guests can eat and drink without needing to leave the pool area.

Before movie night, set everything up for a trial run to make sure your video and audio are set up correctly. Make sure the speakers are loud enough and the screen is positioned to allow everyone a great view. You might want to set up a bin to dispose of trash and a rope to help guests maneuver their floats around the pool.

There's nothing like taking in a movie in the pool on a summer's night under the stars. Don't be surprised if this becomes a regular movie night every summer!

Are You Ready for Summer Fun?

While there are lots of games to play in the pool, you never want to play with pool safety and cleanliness. That's where Quantus Pools can help. Our certified team has been providing inground pool installation and service to Rolling Meadows and the surrounding area since 2010 and we're respected as one of the best.

Whether you need your pool serviced or maintained or you want to install a pool to enjoy these fun games and more, contact Quantus Pools at (847) 907-4995 or contact us online for a free consultation. We serve you with transparent pricing to ensure your experience with Quantus Pools exceeds your expectations.


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