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How to Detect Potential Pool Pump, Filter and Other Issues

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

On a warm, sunny day, an in-ground pool is a great place to enjoy time with friends and family. For many, their pool provides an oasis — a vacation at their own home. However, maintaining an in-ground pool can also be an ongoing and high-maintenance project. Knowing how to detect potential issues with your pool pump, filter and other aspects of your in-ground pool is the first step to preventing a bigger problem down the line.

Fortunately, we've outlined some basic pool troubleshooting tips you can use to keep your pool in top shape.

Detecting Common In-Ground Pool Pump Issues

A pool pump circulates chemicals throughout your in-ground pool to ensure the water is sanitary and safe for swimming. With well-kept maintenance, your pool pump should last anywhere from eight to 10 years, which is why choosing a quality pool pump is important. At the first signs of trouble, it's critical to detect potential pool pump problems and fix them to keep your whole system running and prevent a chain reaction of issues with your in-ground pool.

Some common in-ground pool pump issues may include:

  • The pool pump doesn't turn on.

  • The pool pump shuts off while running.

  • The pool pump has low water flow when running.

  • The pool pump leaks.

  • The pool pump is taking in air.

  • The pool pump is making a lot of noise.

Pool Pump Troubleshooting

For each scenario listed above, you can try the tricks listed below to check your pool pump.

The pool pump doesn't turn on or shuts off while running:

  1. Attempt to reset your pool pump according to the manual.

  2. Check the breaker box and make sure everything is connected.

  3. Look for debris that may be clogging the motor.

  4. Make sure the motor’s vents and fan aren't blocked and causing overheating.

The pool pump has low water flow:

  1. Make sure the pump is primed, typically a step you take at the beginning of the pool opening season.

  2. Check the filter gauge — if the pounds per square inch (PSI) are higher than usual, something may be blocking the suction.

  3. Clean the filter.

  4. Make sure the swimming pool’s water levels are appropriate to prevent air in the system.

The pool pump leaks:

  1. Look for any seals you need to replace.

  2. Check the o-rings for cracks.

  3. Apply lubricant to the o-rings to create a more robust seal.

The pool pump is taking in air:

  1. Ensure that the pump lid is on tight.

  2. Look for any cracks in the pump.

  3. Check for gaskets and o-rings that aren't properly sealed and replace them.

  4. Replace any leaky valve stems.

  5. Make sure there are no air leaks in the suction line.

The pool pump is making a lot of noise:

  1. Check for air leaks.

  2. Clear any blockages preventing smooth water flow.

  3. Call a professional to take apart your pump and look for any internal issues such as bad bearings.

Detecting Common In-Ground Pool Filter Issues

A pool filter can sort out unwanted debris, dirt, calcium and oils. This process is essential to maintaining a safe and sanitary in-ground pool. To ensure your pool stays sparkling clean at all times, you should learn about servicing your pool's filter. How long do pool filters last? With proper care, your in-ground pool filter could last anywhere from five to 10 years. However, that doesn't mean you should let it sit for 10 years without maintenance.

How to Tell If Your Pool Filter Is Bad

If you notice any of the following issues with your pool, you'll want to replace your pool's filter:

  • Cloudy or dirty pool water

  • The pressure gauge on the filter isn't regulating

  • A filter leak

  • Debris is remaining in the pool

  • The pool filter system is making loud noises

When You Should Change Your Pool Filter

Although pool filters can sometimes last beyond five years, we recommend that homeowners change their pool filters right around that five-year mark to avoid further maintenance issues. Keeping up-to-date with your pool filter prevents the possibility of unsanitized water that may create health issues for you or your family. If your filter is showing signs of use or you know it's reaching the five-year mark, call a professional to take care of filter replacement and maintenance.

Other Common In-Ground Pool Maintenance Issues

Although the pool pump and filter are two significant components of your in-ground pool, you'll likely encounter other maintenance issues — that's just part of owning a pool. If you come across these issues, be sure to consult a professional like Quantus Pools to assure the pool you, your family and your friends are swimming in is safe for use.

Some other issues with your pool that may arise include:

  • The pH balance of the water is off.

  • You're unsure how to begin the process of pool winterization.

  • You have an outdated or dangerous pool deck.

  • Your pool has a damaged cover.

  • There's a leak in the pool structure.

Contact Quantus Pools for Reliable, Expert Pool Services

Trying to do your own in-ground pool repairs and maintenance can be time-consuming and costly if you don’t address the correct problems on the first attempt. Additionally, you may not be comfortable diagnosing and replacing problematic parts for fear of making the situation worse. That's why seeking pool pump help or filter assistance from experienced professionals makes the lives of homeowners much more effortless. Don’t waste precious moments in the sunshine trying to fix your in-ground pool — let the experts take over.

The responsive and trusted technicians at Quantus Pools can promptly identify and fix your in-ground pool issues. Our crew's over 40 years of experience in the high-end, custom in-ground pool industry will ensure no harm comes to your pool through outdated maintenance methods. We set a high standard of service by using cutting-edge techniques and technology. Quantus Pools offers ongoing weekly maintenance that will ensure any issues with your pool pump, filter or other components are taken care of while your pool remains clean, clear and refreshing for your enjoyment.

Spend more time with your friends and family outdoors and let us take care of your pool maintenance needs. To get started today, it's as simple as scheduling a service call!


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