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3 Trendy Swimming Pool Ideas That Will Amaze You

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Gone are the days of the same boring rectangular pools. This summer, jump into a trendy and elegant swimming pool by adopting a new pool style. Rejuvenate your outdoor space with these three trendy swimming pool ideas, and your backyard will soon become what you've always dreamed of:

1. Saltwater Pools

One of the most irksome attributes of a standard swimming pool is how the chlorine can affect your skin — plus the harsh smells it radiates.

Alternatively, a saltwater pool uses simple table salt, which is poured directly into your pool and converted to chlorine by a salt-chlorine generator. Saltwater pool water is gentler on your body and clothing. There is also no harsh chlorine smell, and you don’t need to worry about the hassle of storing chlorine.

Additionally, saltwater pools are less costly to maintain than standard chlorine models. Salt costs less than chlorine, meaning you could save hundreds every year in chemical costs with a saltwater system.

2. Minimalist Pools

minimalist swimming pool

One of the hottest styles in the pool industry today is minimalism. A minimalist pool follows the principles of contemporary design by incorporating only the most basic elements.

By focusing solely on the partnership between the water and the pool's geometry, a minimalist pool creates the perfect atmosphere for home entertainment with its sleek and contemporary design features.

3. Infinity Pools

An infinity pool, also known as a vanishing edge pool, tricks the eye by featuring open edges that allow water to flow over the top and fall into a basin below. If you want a resort-style backyard, this layout may be best for you.

One main advantage of an infinity pool is that it can be installed on a hill or sloping ground, which allows it to be built on virtually any kind of terrain.

Additionally, infinity pools are easier to maintain than traditional models because the water is constantly being cleaned and filtered. This setup is due to the system that pumps the water from the catch basin back up to the main pool.

Contact Quantus Pools to Envision a New Pool Style

This list of the best backyard swimming pools can help you imagine a new look for your property. Whether you’re searching for the most eye-catching appearance or a pool that doesn’t utilize harsh chlorine chemicals, you can easily find a solution — the pool industry is constantly changing and improving. The ever-evolving selection of the best backyard pool designs ensures there will always be trendy styles and updates for your pool.

Interested in building a custom pool based on the latest styles or schedule services for your current inground pool? Contact Quantus Pools today!


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