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Our outdoor fire features for pools provide visual elegance to any outdoor scene. We offer handcrafted fire bowls for swimming pools in a variety of shapes and sizes that are forged in copper or a decorative concrete. We can also add automation to control your fire feature remotely, which is a fantastic option. Inspire with fire.

Spice up Your Property With Customizable Fire Features Around Your Pool 

Fire and water are elemental opposites. When they meet, they create an effect that unlocks something deep inside all of us. By lining your luxury pool with elegant fire features, you'll instill your property with an essence that fosters community and serenity. Our fire feature installations, many of which are featured on this page, can transform your backyard pool into a uniquely natural relaxation sanctuary that the entire family will enjoy. 


The Quantus Pools Fire Feature Process

Whether you're adding onto your home oasis or just breaking ground on a new pool, fire features are a great way to liven your property. With Quantus Pools, accenting your outdoor pool or living space with stunningly incandescent fire features has never been easier. When you choose our crew for fire features, we'll come to your home for a no-obligation consultation. At this time, our representatives will spend some time with you on your property to discuss ideas for practical yet elegant fire installations. 

Our design team will develop a 3D model of your property using cutting-edge computer software after your consultation. This model will give you an accurate idea of how your yard will look when our services are complete. You'll also receive a transparent quote for materials and labor. When your installation date rolls around, our crew will arrive on time and treat your property with respect as they work efficiently to complete your project on schedule. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fire features can be an excellent addition to your property that impresses guests and adds to the relaxing ambiance. As you browse our gallery of past projects and determine the best style for your home, consider some of these frequently asked questions.


  • How do fire features work?

    • Fire features utilize gas burners to create comfortable, easy-to-control fires. Many of our fire features implement decorative glass pebbles that conceal the gas lines and create the illusion that they are on fire.

  • Are fire features safe?

    • Yes, fire features are safe and often less dangerous than traditional fire pits. Our gas fire features are smoke- and spark-free, and we'll install them properly to avoid pooling gas. Avoid using your fire features near flammable objects or in windy conditions. 

  • How far should fire features be from my pool?

    • Homeowners can install fire features poolside, but be careful not to damage the gas lines by splashing excessive amounts of water into the feature. 

  • Can I use water to douse my fire feature?

    • No, do not use water to douse your fire features. Water could damage your fire installation's gas lines. Instead, allow your flame to go out naturally after stopping the gas flow. 

  • How do I clean my fire bowl?

    • When cleaning your fire features, be sure to wait until they are cool. When the temperature has settled, wipe with a wet, soapy rag, then dry with a fresh cloth, all while avoiding loosening gas lines. Keep your fire features clean longer by covering them when not in use. 



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