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Pool with rock waterfall and slide


For homeowners in the greater Chicagoland area, your property is a place to spend quality time with your family, creating memories that last a lifetime. By installing a custom in-ground swimming pool, you can add an extra element to your home that everyone in the family can enjoy, allowing you to spend more time with the people who matter. 

The best pools blend seamlessly with the rest of your property and add to its value with a distinguished design that's uniquely yours. At Quantus Pools, we develop custom pool designs tailored to our customers' properties and lifestyles. With a team average of 15 years of experience designing and installing luxury pools, homeowners can count on Quantus Pools for an amazing design that enhances their property.


Planning Your Pool and Outdoor Living Area

Planning is the first step in building your pool and proper pool planning will save time, money and frustration. As we plan your project, we will educate you about the latest materials, technology and pool equipment available on the market.


Our expert sales and design staff will work with you to design your perfect backyard oasis.

Design Process

A design brief helps in understanding your desires, design ideas, site constraints and budget. At this stage of the design process, our swimming pool design team will meet with you to formalize your personalized design brief. During these discussions, our team will often provide hand-drawn concept sketches to communicate ideas and promote constructive solutions. Our design brief thoroughly records your needs across all aspects of design and construction, which enables all parties to move confidently on to the next phase. Do you need help generating luxury pool design ideas? Get inspiration from our swimming pool designs!

During the preliminary design phase, our pool designers will prepare concept drawings using the latest in 3D pool design software. This allows all parties to fully appreciate and understand the project design, quality of finishes and scope of work. It also tests the design against any existing buildings, structures or other associated design elements on site. The digital creation of 3D design and construction phases helps you to visualize how your new luxury swimming pool will become a reality.

Custom Swimming Pool Designs and Styles


Our experienced crew will work with you to develop a luxury swimming pool design tailored to your exact needs. We'll consult with you to discuss how you intend to use your pool, your property's size, your budget and other factors that will help us create a satisfactory design. The Quantus Pools team can develop a plan around nearly any luxury pool style, including:

  • Classic: Choose a classic pool style for an angular Mediterranean look that will transport you to your own Roman paradise. We can incorporate columns, arches, statues or intricate tile work to add to the luxurious feel. 

  • Modern: Known for their square or rectangular design, modern pools are uniquely symmetrical and can feature extravagant or simple design elements, allowing them to complement nearly any home style. 

  • Freeform: As the name suggests, freeform pools follow their own untraditional path. These pools sprawl amongst your property's other architectural features in irregular shapes and curved edges, allowing designers to creatively use space on smaller plots. 

  • Natural: A variation of the freeform pool, natural pools take the creative use of space a step further to totally integrate the design into your property. Natural pools replicate ponds or lakes and often feature stone decks, beach entries, waterfalls and other elements found in nature or at a park. 

  • Infinity: Also known as a vanishing edge pool, these designs trick the eye by featuring one or more open edges that allow water to flow overtop and fall into a basin below. 

  • Indoor: With an indoor pool, homeowners can enjoy a swim any time of the year. The Quantus Pools team can work with existing home additions to design an indoor pool with the same range of features available for outdoor installations. 

  • Fitness: Lap pools offer a diverse range of use that makes them just as enjoyable for training athletes as they are for casual swimmers having a relaxing dip. Quantus Pools can design a fitness pool with the same luxurious features, such as infinity edges, diving platforms or waterfalls, that are available with any other style.

Our Pools in the Greater Chicagoland Area

Quantus Pools builds custom inground gunite swimming pools and spas. We have begun to offer vinyl liner pools as well as “hybrid” pools that are vinyl liner with gunite features such as concrete steps, tanning ledges, as well as a gunite spa with a vinyl liner pool.

We not only do pools and water features, but we also do decks, rock formations, outdoor kitchens, custom grills, fire places, and pergola structures. Check out our outdoor living spaces or contact us for more information!



Winnetka Pool Design Storyboard
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Backyard Luxury Inground Pool


Quantus Pools is here to provide homeowners with custom pool designs that work for their property and budget. From design to construction, we're with you every step of the way to ensure your luxury pool satisfies the whole family. To help you determine what your project might look like, simply use our pool builder to tell us about your vision.

To learn more about our design process or style ideas, contact Quantus Pools today!

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