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Pool liners can save the structure of your pool and help it last for generations. When you need pool liner installation or replacement services, Quantus Pools can help. We can install an pool liner at your property in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Our professional and experienced team will work fast to complete your inground pool liner, so you can start swimming sooner.

What Is a Pool Liner?

A pool liner is a vinyl surface cover attached to the walls and floor of pools to prevent water from escaping. The vinyl liner also helps protect the inside of the pool from damage and contamination from algae or mold growth. Installing a pool liner can also enhance the pool's looks, making it more appealing and inviting for users. A pool liner is essential to extend your inground pool's life.

Pool liners can last anywhere from 8 to 20 years before needing a replacement with the proper pool maintenance. The thickness of the liner you choose to have installed can also contribute to its lifespan.

How to Install Inground Pool Liners

When you decide to get a pool liner for your inground pool, rely on professionals to install it correctly. Expert pool technicians have the knowledge and tools to apply a liner successfully. There are many decisions you need to make before you have a pool liner installed. You'll need to figure out the color and style you want and get the pool's measurements, so you can get the proper liner size for installation.

Professionals can install pool liners immediately after the pool's construction is complete. By installing the pool liner as soon as possible, you can ensure your pool's walls and flooring remain pristine with added protection. 

To install inground pool liners, experts will:


  1. Unbox the pool liner and unravel the width of the liner at the deep end of the pool. To make sure the liner is in the proper position, ensure the arrows on the box are facing up and towards the pool.

  2. Grab the ends of the liner and spread it over the length of the pool towards the shallow end without it dragging against the pool's floor or deck.

  3. Start inserting the liner beads into the receivers on the edge of the pool with two or more people. As workers make their way around the pool, they'll adjust the liner so it fits in the pool's shell and the bottom sits on the floor without excessive rolls.

  4. Use a vacuum to suction and seal the pool liner into place once the line is secure on the edges. 

  5. Start adding water once the liner is in place and keep the vacuum on until there's at least a foot of water in the shallow end. When the water is three to six inches below the pool light, the team will start replacing the faceplates for the different openings in the pool. They'll then remove the excess liner and fill the pool to its appropriate level.

Benefits of Pool Liner Installation 

Choosing to install a pool liner can increase your pool's longevity, so you can continue swimming for years. Some benefits of having an inground pool liner include:


  • Easy installation: Professionals can quickly and easily install pool liners within hours.

  • Various design options: Vinyl pool liners can have decorations with almost any design. You could pick a blue pool liner or one that imitates tile or a reef.

  • Effortless maintenance: Cleaning the pool is simple as long as you use proper chemicals. If you would like professional care, Quantus Pools can help you keep your pool clean and safe.

  • Comfortable for swimming: Vinyl is smooth to the touch and covers the pool shell's concrete, keeping users safe from scratches or cuts in the event of slips and falls. 

Pool Liner Installation Services in Rolling Meadows, IL

Quantus Pools can install, replace and maintain your inground pool liner in the greater Chicagoland area. We work with you to design your dream pool so it's safe and fits your property's aesthetic. Our vinyl liner pools are customizable, so you can have an entire vinyl pool or a "hybrid" pool that combines vinyl and nonvinyl features. You can choose from a wide selection of vinyl pool liner designs.

When you have a vinyl liner, you can clean your pool without draining it, saving you time and energy. Draining the pool can cause harm to the liner and could make it shrink. The only time you should drain the water is if you need to replace the vinyl liner. If you need an inground pool liner replacement, you can count on Quantus Pools. 

Reach Out to Quantus Pools

Pool liners are an excellent addition to keep pools safe and add effortless style. Would you like to have a pool liner installed for your inground pool? You can contact us for a consultation or schedule a service call for a replacement today!


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When it comes to pool opening services in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Quantus Pools is the team to beat. Our professionals will make your life easier and make sure your pool is in perfect condition. If you're ready to get started, schedule a service call today!

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