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What was a new idea over 20 years ago has come of age; LED pool lights are burning brighter than ever. Manufacturers now use ultra-efficient LED’s to shine brighter while consuming less energy!

LED pool lights have numerous advantages over incandescent flood lamp type pool lights:


  • First is that 500 watt pool light bulbs cost about a dollar a day to run, and if used often, it can add up to hundreds in electrical expense each year. LED lamps consume much less energy, the Color Splash light only uses 33 watts, and costs 4 cents per day to use, or under $10 per year.


  • Second benefit to LED pool lights are the colors – amazing, brilliantly rich colors. The light shows are fun for parties or lock-on a single color to set the mood for the night or season. The light output or reach of the light is nearly the same as incandescent, but without glare or bright spots.


  • Third benefit, and it’s another big one, is the durability. LED pool lamps use diodes that are very tough, not flimsy filaments in a glass vacuum. An LED bulb can last twenty times longer than an incandescent bulb. That’s twenty fewer bulb changes. Incandescent R-40 bulbs are rated for about 2,000 hours, whereas the Color Splash pool light is rated for 50,000 hours.

So there you have it, some benefits as to why LED lights are the way to go. Check out our gallery to see more images of some of our extremely happy customers in the Chicagoland area who already have these great lights in their pool.

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