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Pool Pump Repair and Replacement

Your pool is one of the best investments you've made for your property. It provides countless hours of fun in the sun, lets you host pool parties for friends and family and even increases your home's value. But to get the most out of that investment, you have to make sure you're maintaining it properly all year long.

The swimming pool pump is one of the most important parts of your entire pool system. If you start to experience issues, then pool pump repair is essential to keeping your pool ready for your next swimming session. Discover the pool pump motor repair and inground pool pump replacement services from Quantus Pools!

Signs of a Pool Pump Malfunction


To know if it's time for a pool pump replacement, you need to know the signs that your pump is malfunctioning. Here are three of the most common problems to look for in a faulty pool pump:

  • Your pool pump is noisy: A functioning pool pump will be relatively silent, so something is wrong if your pool pump is noisy. You could experience noise when a pebble gets into the pump's impeller. You'll have to dismantle the pump to dislodge it. The most common reason for a noisy pool pump is failed bearings in the motor. This can be a result of poor build quality or water damage causing corrosion of the bearings.

  • Your pool pump does not turn on: Your pool pump should turn on and off at specified times based on your preset timer settings. If your pool pump is staying off all the time, then there's something wrong with your system. You should call a professional to check it out, as it could be an electrical issue that can be dangerous to try to fix on your own.

  • Your pool water isn't circulating: If your pool water is absent of circulation, you may be experiencing issues with shrunken fittings. Shrunken fittings prevent the inlet pump from priming properly, causing it to be unable to circulate the water.

Why Proper Pool Circulation Is Important


Proper pool circulation is the foundation of healthy, safe pool water. This is why pool pump motor replacement is so important if you need one. Your pool pump helps with the following aspects of your pool:

  • Filtration: Pool circulation moves your water into the pool filter. This removes debris and particles from the water. If your pool pump stops and prevents circulation from occurring, your pool water can become dirty and unsafe to swim in.

  • Disinfection: Chemicals will be less effective in uncirculated pool water. This will also cause the chemicals to have a higher chance of giving off unpleasant smells and irritating the skin and eyes of swimmers. Circulated water ensures the chemicals distribute throughout the water, sanitizing it more effectively.

Why Proper Pool Circulation Is Important

Professional Pool Pump Installation and Replacement


After experiencing a pool pump malfunction, you may feel tempted to go for the option with the lowest price for your repair. You may even know someone who might be able to fix your issue, but are you confident that person will do more good than harm? When you take the cheaper route or have a non-professional address your issue, you could end up spending more money later for larger repairs and replacements.

Instead, choose the professional route when you need a pool pump motor repair near you. Quantus Pools is your go-to professional pool service solution in the greater Chicagoland area. With our services, you can feel confident that we'll identify and fix your pool pump issue so you can enjoy using your pool to the fullest this season.

Plus, when you work with us, you know you're getting access to a dedicated team that's ready to answer your every question. We have the knowledge to back up our solutions, so you can better understand what went wrong with your pool pump and what we'll do to fix it. Choosing the professionals at Quantus Pools is the right choice for caring for your inground pool and fixing your pool pump.

Types of Pool Pumps


If you need a new pool pump, you need to make sure you're getting the right one for your needs. Here are some of the types of pool pumps available:

  • Single-speed pumps: These are the standard type of pool pumps. When you turn them on, they run at a single, constant speed. They're the most affordable option to buy, but they can be expensive to run since you're unable to lower the speed and use less energy when desired. They can also be a bit noisy compared to other types of swimming pool pumps.

  • Two-speed pumps: Two-speed pumps are like single-speed pumps, but they also have a low-speed option that's much more energy-efficient than the standard-speed setting. This allows you to use the low-speed setting for normal use, saving you money. You can turn on the standard-speed setting when you need greater circulation, like when the heater is on or when you're using the pump system to vacuum the pool.

  • Variable-speed pumps: Variable-speed pumps are the best option when you want full customizable control over your pool pump. They have eight programmable speed settings so you can get the exact results you're looking for at whatever length of time you prefer.

The Quantus Pools Difference


Quantus Pools is the best choice for pool pump motor repair service near you in the Chicagoland area. Here are some of the ways we set ourselves apart from the competition:

  • Expert staff: Our staff has the knowledge and training to meet all the needs of each of our clients. We have a wide range of skills, letting us become your comprehensive solution for your weekly pool maintenance needs and larger fixes, like a pool pump repair or replacement.

  • Cutting-edge equipment and technology: We use only the latest and best technology to service our clients. This ensures you get the best outcomes possible for the best price.

  • Quality products: We use the best products for every client we serve. We use only the highest-quality items in everything we do to ensure your beautiful pool gets the treatment it deserves.

  • Money and time savings: With our preventative maintenance and early detection services, we can save you both time and money so you can enjoy your pool at the exact moment you want and keep more money in your pocket.

Choose Quantus Pools for Your Pool Pump Repair or Replacement


Quantus Pools is your solution for all your pool care needs. We're ready to help you experience a new way of enjoying your pool this summer. If you need a professional to properly repair your pool pump, we invite you to schedule a service call with us today.

Choose Quantus Pools for Your Pool Pump Repair or Replacement

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Our professionals will make your life easier and make sure your pool is in perfect condition.

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