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How Often Should Commercial Pools Be Cleaned?

Commercial pools have the responsibility to protect swimmer health and safety. When pool water is regularly cleaned and maintained, the pool can decrease downtime and repair expenses while providing visitors with enjoyable and safe swimming experiences.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist

Commercial pools should be cleaned often and thoroughly to ensure swimmer safety. A few tasks to perform include:

  • Testing pH: Check levels at least twice per day and test hourly during heavy use. Maintain pH levels at 7.2 to 7.8 to promote swimmer comfort, disinfectant efficiency and pool component protection.

  • Maintaining chlorine levels: Ensure chlorine and bromine are at free active levels to disinfect the water. Maintain free chlorine levels between 1 to 3 parts per million.

  • Skimming debris: Remove debris such as leaves and bugs often. Check and empty skimmers frequently.

  • Scrubbing surfaces: Vacuum and brush pool floors and walls to remove scum and dirt buildup. Frequent pool tile cleaning will also help control pH levels.

  • Keeping the facility clean: Pool cleanliness depends on the cleanliness of other areas, such as restrooms and showers. Sanitize and care for your facility to keep pool water safe and clean.

  • Replacing parts: Inspect equipment regularly to identify worn or failing components. Thoroughly evaluate pumps, filters and other pool components to ensure your system is secure and functional.

  • Checking turnover rates: Monitor your turnover rate to keep pool water filtered and sanitized. Commercial pools must turnover every six hours.

Common FAQs About Commercial Pool Maintenance

Discover answers to common commercial pool maintenance questions.

How Often Should Maintenance Be Performed?

Preventive maintenance should happen every day. Cleaning, removing debris, testing chemical levels and other tasks should be performed regularly throughout the day to ensure swimmer health, safety and comfort. Equipment should be inspected and parts replaced frequently to extend the life of pool equipment and avoid costly repairs and downtime.

What Is the Best Weather for Pool Maintenance?

The best time to perform outdoor pool maintenance is on warm and sunny days. Rainy and windy weather can counteract your maintenance efforts, resulting in more work later on.

How Often Should a Commercial Pool Be Drained?

Portions of pool water should be drained and replaced weekly or monthly based on usage and water quality. Commercial pools should drain their entire pool yearly.

Learn More About Expert Pool Maintenance From Quantus Pools

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Learn More About Expert Pool Maintenance From Quantus Pools


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