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Pool Safety Covers vs. Winter Pool Covers

Pool Safety Covers vs. Winter Pool Covers

Pool covers are essential in maintaining and upkeep your pool, but different types of covers serve different purposes. In this article, we will break down the differences between safety and winter pool covers and how they can help you maintain your pool.

Purpose of Pool Covers

Pool covers fit over the pool area to prevent debris, leaves and dirt from landing in the water and reduce water loss from evaporation. They also give heated pools the advantage of reduced energy costs as the pool cover acts as insulation and maintains the water temperature.

You can choose between a safety and winter pool cover, both of which guard against debris and evaporation. Safety covers help protect people and animals from accidentally falling into the water. Winter covers offer additional insulation against winter temperatures.

What Are Safety Covers?

You can use safety covers at any time of the year to protect your pool and your loved ones when you aren't using the pool. A safety cover also offers the following advantages:

  • It protects your pool from debris: Leaves, dirt and pests can find their way into your pool when it isn't in use. This debris can often cause extra work and clog up your pool's pump and cleaning system. Covers will aid in keeping your pool clean and prevent oversized items like twigs and branches from sinking to the bottom of your pool.

  • It helps with evaporation and sun damage: A safety cover will add extra durability and increase the life span of your pool lining. It can also prevent water evaporation and reduce your water usage.

  • It provides safety for loved ones: A safety cover's primary purpose is to prevent your loved ones' drowning, including children and pets. Adding a safety pool cover can be a valuable precaution to ensure the safety of your pool.

Safety covers are available in mesh or solid versions. The mesh option allows water to run into the pool but catches leaves and large debris. The solid option blocks water, dirt and sunlight. Mesh covers tend to be lighter and less expensive, while solid covers are typically more durable.

What Do Winter Safety Covers Do?

Place winter safety pool covers over the pool during the winter months. The advantages of using an inground pool winter cover include the following:

  • It protects against debris and sunlight: Like a safety cover, a winter pool cover will protect your pool from debris and twigs. Additionally, it will give sunlight protection to your lining and prevent water evaporation.

  • It increases the pool's life span: Winter pool covers provide insulation to the water underneath and a protective layer against winter weather. The freezing temperatures can have a negative impact on your pool's shell. Using a winter cover will protect your pool from temperature changes.

  • It reduces fading and stains: A winter cover blocks sunlight and harsh winter conditions that can fade your pool lining. It also helps prevent debris that can slowly decompose and stain the lining during the cold months.

Winter covers are typically solid, although there are mesh ones available. While they offer some protection for loved ones, winter covers are not safety covers by default. Consult a professional about your winter cover options to discover which ones also provide safety protection.

Can a Safety Cover Be Used as a Winter Cover and Vice Versa?

Can a Safety Cover Be Used as a Winter Cover and Vice Versa?

Standard safety and winter pool covers don't fulfill each other's objectives — swapping one for the other doesn't guarantee the same advantages. However, you may be able to find covers that provide both safety and winter protection!

A professional can help you replace your pool cover with the materials and options that fulfill your concerns and priorities. Your pool size and shape will also influence what covers are available.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Covers

If you still have questions about pool covers, take a look at these frequently asked questions about winter and safety pool covers.

How Do I Keep My Winter Pool Cover From Blowing Off?

You can keep your winter pool cover from blowing off by anchoring it to the surrounding deck. Often the anchors are recessed when not in use as a safety precaution. Professionals and pool owners use a special drill or tool to bring out when needed to hold the pool cover in place.

Anchor screws usually provide enough strength to keep your cover on during harsh weather. Contact a professional to secure your cover tightly and prepare your pool for winter.

Why Do I Need to Cover My Pool in Winter?

Winter pool covers are usually needed in areas that have:

  • Heavy rainfall.

  • Freezing temperatures.

  • Snow or hail.

  • Harsh storms.

The objective is to protect the pool from damage that harsh weather will cause during this time. A winter pool cover helps prevent damage from the weather or associated debris. You can take your cover off when the spring months arrive and your pool should be ready to use almost immediately.

When Should I Start to Get My Pool Ready for Winter?

Preparing your pool for winter involves several steps, including preparing your water and securely placing the winter pool cover. If your inground pool gets weekly professional maintenance, they should tell you when it's time to get the winter cover out. Otherwise, here are some common signs that can indicate it's time to start thinking about winterizing your pool:

  • Temperatures get cold: You should typically start thinking about closing your pool for the season when the temperature is frequently below 60 degrees.

  • You are using your pool less: When the weather gets colder and the clouds appear more often, you will naturally use the space less.

  • Bad weather: Snow storms, freeze warnings and similar predictions also indicate that the year's pool season has come to a close.

Schedule and Inspection to Get Your Pool Cover

Schedule and Inspection to Get Your Pool Cover

Getting a pool cover can save you costs and provide your pool with the protection it needs. Quantus Pools offers a selection of services, including repairing or replacing your pool cover.

If you want a new safety or winter pool cover, Quantus pools can help. With over 45 years of experience in custom inground swimming pools, we can guide and assist you in ensuring you have the right pool cover for your needs.

Ensure you are the first to enjoy your pool after the cold months by scheduling a service call with one of our experienced pool experts.


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