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What Are UV Sanitation Systems for Pools?

What Are UV Sanitation Systems for Pools?

Keeping your pool sparkling blue requires a lot of upkeep, whether you bring in a team for weekly maintenance or handle it yourself. To maintain your pool, you need to scoop up leaves, clean away dirt and add chemicals like chlorine to prevent germ outbreaks and algae growth. However, the chlorine smell may be too strong or irritating for you and your children's eyes. If this is the case, consider an ultraviolet (UV) sanitation system for your pool.

These sanitation systems clean water using UV light rays. They rely on fewer chemicals and provide a high level of cleanliness so that you and your family can enjoy swimming without that lingering chlorine smell.

What Is UV Sanitation?

Ultraviolet sanitation uses germicidal UV-C light rays to target harmful microorganisms, algae and bacteria in water and air. The UV-C rays are strong enough to penetrate the cell walls of these organisms and can alter their RNA or DNA, killing them or leaving them unable to reproduce. It is a physical form of disinfecting that requires little to no chemicals.

What Is UV Sanitation?

Using UV sanitation systems to disinfect water, air and other surfaces has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its ease of use and high levels of disinfection. One of UV sanitation's most common uses is to treat drinking water. It doesn't impact the taste or smell of water and eliminates the majority of dangerous byproducts formed by chemical reactions with substances in the water.

Over the years, UV sanitation technology has become readily available and more cost-effective. Many homeowners are using UV sanitation to clean their drinking water and maintain their pools.

How Do UV Sanitation Systems for Pools Work?

UV sanitation systems are placed in the pool's water filtration system. The cylindrical system consists of a UV lamp protected by a quartz, graphite or durable polymer housing. The housing is designed for high volumes of water to pass by the light at a speed that allows the light to destroy microorganisms. It also protects swimmers from the UV rays the lamp emits. Water first passes through the filtration system before being exposed to the lamp's disinfecting UV rays. The water is then pumped back into the pool once it has been cleaned.

The concentrated UV rays emitted by the lamp have two essential functions. They destroy organic matter such as bacteria, algae, viruses, pathogens and other microorganisms. UV rays also eliminate chloramines — the byproducts of chlorine. Chloramines are responsible for the skin, eye and nasal irritation you experience when swimming. The dual functionality of the UV systems ensures your pool remains clear and blue while reducing any irritation you and your family experience.

Do UV Sanitation Systems Need Chemicals?

Yes and no. UV systems are a physical method of disinfecting water that doesn't need chemicals to work. However, you will still need to use some chemicals in your pool. Water must pass through the filtration system and the UV lamp to get cleaned. When leaves, dirt and debris fall into the other parts of the pool, it can take a while to reach the UV system. Adding a small amount of chlorine to your pool can help keep the water clean and sanitized before it gets to the UV lamp.

The amount of chemicals your pool requires is much lower with a UV sanitation system. Depending on the size of your pool, how much debris falls into it and how often you use it, you can use between 50% and 80% fewer chemicals. Chemicals are also used in the pipes leading out of the UV system to ensure no bacteria or other microorganisms reenter the water.

Benefits Of UV Sanitation Systems

UV sanitation systems are becoming increasingly popular in residential and commercial swimming pools and spas for various reasons, including the need for fewer chemicals. Here are some of the benefits of using a UV system in your pool:

  • Healthier for swimmers: UV systems are healthier for people using the pool because they use fewer chemicals. Fewer reactions between chemicals and debris mean less hazardous byproducts such as chloramines. The lower levels of chemicals make being in the water healthier for you and your family.

  • Eco-friendly: Common pool chemicals like chlorine, bromine and algaecide can harm the environment, especially waterways. Chlorine reacts when it comes in contact with organic compounds, forming byproducts such as chloramine, chloroform and other carcinogens. These compounds can affect wildlife and the environment. UV systems use considerably fewer chemicals, making them a more eco-friendly option.

  • Low maintenance: UV systems are easy and simple to maintain. As long as they run for a certain amount of time daily, they will keep your pool looking its best. They are also pH neutral and don't affect the pH balance of your pool, allowing you to add chemicals less often. The sanitizing lamp is the main component that requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Replacing the bulb is easy and takes a few minutes.

  • Easier on pool equipment: Chlorine and other pool chemicals must be strong enough to eliminate harmful microorganisms, which makes them hard on pool linings, filtration systems, pipes and toys. As a physical disinfectant, UV sanitizing systems are easier on pool equipment, which can make your equipment last longer.

  • Compatible and versatile: Most UV units are compatible with existing pool equipment and can be retrofitted to pumps and filters. They can also be used on nearly any size inground pool, from private splash pools to large Olympic pools. The most important requirement for UV systems is access to an electrical outlet.

  • Cost-effective: While there is an initial investment in buying a UV system for your pool, there is a noticeable difference in cost over time. You can cut down on the types and amounts of chemicals you use. There is also less need to test and shock your pool. Pool equipment will last longer, resulting in lower equipment replacement costs.

Install A UV Sanitizing System Today With Quantus Pools

Proper pool sanitation is essential for you and your family to enjoy your pool. Installing a UV sanitation system allows you to spend more time having fun with your family without being irritated by pool chemicals.

If you're interested in a UV sanitation system, Quantus Pools can help. As certified pool operators, our team has over 40 years of experience in pool and spa installation, maintenance and repairs. We will work with you to find the perfect sanitation fit for your pool that puts your safety first.

We also offer no obligation and free consultations on installation, repairs, maintenance and more. Contact us today for a free quote on a pool UV sanitization system!

Install A UV Sanitizing System Today With Quantus Pools


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